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    My Message to you

    Thanks so very much for taking the time to send me any questions, comments, suggestions, requests, compliments, or criticisms that you may have. I truly value them all and personally read every email that comes in.

    Also, do let me know how I can make the course or site better for you. What features you would like to see? Do you have any problems with the course or Website that you’d like me to change? This course is for you, so please let me know what you want it to have. I cannot, however, provide you with personal answers to your health problems or other questions. I have done my best to answer everything in my course.

    Because I am running this site by myself, I’m not able to respond to your email directly, although I may respond by changing or adding something that you have requested. I apologize for this, as it may make it seem like your email isn’t important, but please rest assured that it is very important.



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