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Welcome to my Healthy Life Course. This course is probably unlike any other course you’ve ever taken because it covers not only having a healthy weight (like many), but it also covers optimal nutrition and great fitness, the 3 things you need for a healthy life. It not only provides you with the basics, but also lots of advanced information, all of it backed by scientific studies.

In it, I will be 100% true, transparent and authentic with you. If there are areas in which I have tried and failed, I’ll let you know. To me, that’s one of the pluses I bring to you, is that I have utilized almost everything I recommend, so I know if and how it works.  I have gained weight on a plant-based diet, and I’ll tell you how and why, and how to avoid it. I have lost 10% of my weight in eight weeks on my plant-based diet, but over the following eight months I gained a lot of it back. I’ll tell you how that happened too, how you can avoid similar situations, and why I’m not concerned about it. I created a stretching routine for myself that I followed but injured my back badly enough that it’s still not healed. I’ll tell you how to avoid that. I have made mistakes myself, so now you can avoid them and succeed.

This course came about not from me sitting down to create something to make income from, but as an outgrowth of my efforts to have a healthy weight, to have a fit body, to have good nutrition and to have good health. If you spend any time on the Internet you have doubtlessly seen many articles and that were created not to inform you, but to sell the products that the article endorses. And in some cases (but not all) the article writer will suggest and have links to products that are not necessarily the very best for you quality wise or pricewise, but those for which they will make the most profit. You won’t find that here.

Not only are all of the products including supplements, exercise equipment, and other courses things that in most cases I use myself, but in all cases, things I have thoroughly checked out myself. In addition, I do not receive any compensation for you purchasing any of the products I mention in this course. Period. So, I’m not just some marketing guy who watched a bunch of YouTube’s and created this course to make money. I have been following a plant-based diet for more than 12 years, exercise regularly and watch my weight. I’m someone who lives and believes in what I teach, and I’m going to share it with you. I believe that you are trusting me by purchasing this course, and therefore I feel a substantial sense of obligation to provide you with the best information.

A bit about myself, if I may. Early in my life I was addressed as “Dr. Wright” and had patients I saw and treated.  But I had a vision that I wanted to help more than the few people I could see by myself, so I left that life.  Later on, I fulfilled that dream by becoming owner, editor and publisher of 3 holistic health magazines with a combined readership of more than ½ million people. I’m fortunate enough to have intelligence which has been tested in a prominent university to be in the top 1% of the world, and I have utilized this gift for more than 50 years to learn about, try out, and integrate ways to be happy and healthy. This includes not only all of the things I learned along the way, but a lot of intense information gathering for this course.  Now I’m passing everything on to you.

I love to learn and try new things to make my life better, and thus really enjoy searching the Internet for the latest and best health information. As a result of both of these factors, I am able to bring you solid and useful information to change your life. In this way, I can let you know what really works. I will be looking at scientific studies and facts, not guesses.  I often see things like a suggestion for a food or “superfood”, with a note like “Good source of iron”, but when I do the research, I find out that an average serving only provides 6% of your iron for the day, hardly a “good source”.

Another example is an article at popular website which states “…chia seeds are a concentrated food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.”  What they don’t tell you, unfortunately, is that you can’t access any of these nutritional benefits unless you grind the seeds before eating them. Dr. Michael Greger reports in one of his  videos that if you “Eat whole chia seeds for 10 weeks, there’s no increase in short-chain omega-3 levels or long-chain omega 3’s. But, eat the same amount of chia seeds ground up, and the levels shoot up.”

In this course, I will be giving you the essence of different aspects of weight loss, nutrition and fitness. At the same time, in some cases I will be providing you links to Websites and YouTube videos that explain those aspects in detail. Some of you will be happy with just the summary, while others will want to know more. For those who want to know more, you will be able to explore the topic in detail, and from sources which I believe to be reputable.

This applies to the fitness sections of this course as well. Let me be upfront with you. Rather than just tell you to do stretches or exercises, I’d rather see you have images or a video to watch of someone doing them. I have spent a substantial amount of time searching YouTube to find videos that show these things clearly and accurately. For example, I looked and looked to find a video on stretching that was gentle enough for someone who had never done any stretching and was likely out of shape and stiff. In addition, I did online research on stretching do’s and don’ts.

So I didn’t just grab any stretching video off of YouTube, but did my best to give you the best information on it. In doing my research for stretching, I looked through more than 10 Websites, including some that I knew were popular.  But most of the sites I went to had very-little information  In the end, the best info was not only on a site I knew of already, but was written by a Certified Exercise Physiologist.  In the stretching section of this course, I put in a few of the best tips from his page, plus a link to the page itself so you can read more if you want to.  I’ve also put in some tips from other pages which I thought were not only good information, but were also valid because I had seen them on several sites.

One of my goals for this course was to make it affordable.  I’ve done some research on the pricing of online weightloss courses (no nutrition, no fitness), and some of the prices are shocking. I have seen weightloss courses with a cost of $49 a month, and some priced up to $500 to buy the course. I just checked an online fitness course that was $179 a month, with a note that showed “prices (for courses like this) typically go from about $249 to $500 per month”. I just can’t do that to you. In addition, I didn’t want to just offer a weightloss course because I truly believe that for you to have true health you need proper nutrition, healthy weight, and solid fitness. There are many wise and dedicated people who have made their knowledge available on the Internet, and I’m going to share it with you, along with my own knowledge. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but have really tried hard to give you accurate information for everything in this course. I take it as a sacred obligation to give you information that is as accurate as I possibly can because you are trusting me.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Preface
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Healthy Weight
Unit 4 Optimal Nutrition & Great Fitness
Unit 5 Why you should make the effort to follow this course
Unit 6 Move Forward at a Comfortable Pace
Module 2 Motivation, Commitment and a Plan
Unit 1 Motivation
Unit 2 Commitment
Unit 3 A Plan
Module 3 Healthy Weight
Unit 1 Plant-Based Weightloss Success Stories
Unit 2 The Science of Addictive Food
Unit 3 Why Lose Weight?
Unit 4 Reasons Why People Gain Weight
Unit 5 It’s Not Your Fault; The Science of Addictive Food
Unit 6 What Weight Goal Should You Have?
Unit 7 Why Your Weightloss Plateaus
Unit 8 Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Weight
Unit 9 Reasons Why You Gain Weight Back After You Lose It
Unit 10 Exercise vs. Calorie Restriction for Weight loss
Unit 11 Calorie Restriction vs. Fasting
Unit 12 Avoid Losing Muscle While Losing Fat
Unit 13 The “All You Can Eat Every Other Day (sort-of)” Diet
Unit 14 Benefits of Having Muscle
Unit 15 Lose More Weight Eating the Same Calories
Unit 16 Should You Count Calories or Not?
Unit 17 Calorie Restriction and A Caution
Unit 18 Most-dangerous Fat is Easiest to Lose
Unit 19 The Type of Fat You Eat Equals Where It Goes
Unit 20 Should You Avoid Eating At Night?
Unit 21 Keeping You In The Dark
Unit 22 Cutting Fat Causes More Weight Loss Than Cutting Carbs
Unit 23 “But Being Heavy Is In My Genes!”
Unit 24 “And I Have This Slow Metabolism”
Unit 25 “Plus I Hardly Eat Anything and I Exercise a Lot”
Unit 26 Calorie Bombs
Unit 27 How to Track Your Calories
Unit 28 Facts, Tips & Tricks
Unit 29 12 Tips for Successful Weightloss
Unit 30 Fiber – An Easy Way to Lose Weight
Unit 31 How to Setup Your Support System
Unit 32 The Ninja Dieter
Unit 33 Accountability
Unit 34 The No-Calorie Snacks
Unit 35 The Magic Noodle
Unit 36 Soup Is Souper
Unit 37 Chew More and Weigh Less
Unit 38 The 4 Types of Hunger And How to Control Them
Unit 39 Caloric Density; Eat More and Weigh Less
Unit 40 Substituting Healthy Food for Junk Food
Unit 41 Make Some Low-Cal Substitutions
Unit 42 Success Begins at the Store
Unit 43 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Unit 44 Why You Should Use a Body-composition Scale
Unit 45 My Weightloss Tips
Module 4 Optimal Nutrition
Unit 1 Reasons to Follow a Plant-Based Diet
Unit 2 The Real Okinawan Diet
Unit 3 Prevent Alzheimer’s Through a Plant-Based Diet
Unit 4 Mistakes to Avoid On a Plant-based Diet
Unit 5 Some great videos to watch
Unit 6 How To Get Started With a WFPB Diet
Unit 7 Don’t Cut Meat & Dairy Out; Crowd It Out
Unit 8 What to Change to & How to Change - Tips
Unit 9 Create a Meal Plan for the Week
Unit 10 Work with a System
Unit 11 Take the Journal Journey
Unit 12 Prep Your Meal Basics
Unit 13 Eating Out
Unit 14 Gold Dust; My Secret Ingredient
Unit 15 Where do you get your protein?
Unit 16 Where do you get your calories?
Unit 17 Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen
Unit 18 But Eating a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet is Expensive
Unit 19 And It Takes So Much Work
Unit 20 What About Keto and Low-Carb Diets?
Unit 21 Spuds Aren’t Duds
Unit 22 Eat What Fills You, Not What Kills You
Unit 23 Fiber; It Could Save Your Life
Unit 24 My Super Pudding
Unit 25 The Magic Berry
Unit 26 Get Adventurous
Unit 27 Veggies! Uggh! Fruits! Boring!
Unit 28 Which Fruits and Veggies Have the Most Nutrients?
Unit 29 Cheats and Treats You Can Eat
Unit 30 Pluses and Minuses to Eating Fake Meats and Dairy
Unit 31 Treats And Cheats I Eat
Unit 32 Supplements I Use and Suggest
Unit 33 Why Do I Have To Supplement a WFPB Diet?
Unit 34 How To Check Your Nutrition?
Module 5 Great Fitness
Unit 1 Why Exercise?
Unit 2 Muscle; Not Just for Looks
Unit 3 Easy Fitness
Unit 4 Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
Unit 5 On the Other Hand, Push Hard Enough
Unit 6 Don’t HIIT Your Weightloss Goal This Way
Unit 7 Make Your Exercise Sustainable
Unit 8 Do It the Easy Way
Unit 9 Be mindful while stretching
Unit 10 Should You Experience Pain While Stretching?
Unit 11 Breathing while stretching
Unit 12 Make this a time of relaxing and allowing, not a workout.
Unit 13 Stretching Warning
Unit 14 Isometric Exercise
Unit 15 Bodyweight Training
Unit 16 Resistance-Band Training
Unit 17 Go For Quality, Not Quantity
Unit 18 Take It Easy
Unit 19 Keep a Training Log
Unit 20 Cardio: Good for your whole body, but don’t overdo it
Unit 21 How to check your heartrate
Unit 22 How much cardio do you need?
Unit 23 The Best Way to Get Your Cardio
Unit 24 A New Game
Module 6 Resources
Unit 1 YouTube Channels I Suggest
Unit 2 Videos I Suggest
Unit 3 Websites and Info I Suggest
Unit 4 Nutrition Info
Unit 5 Calculators
Unit 6 HLC Program Schedule
Unit 7 Easy Fitness
Unit 8 Great Nutrition
Unit 9 Healthy Weight
Unit 10 Recipes & Cooking
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