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Welcome to the resource page for the
Stand Up for Kids Orange County workshop!



                Activities for the coming week


+ Every day, do some kind thing for someone: compliment them, help them, appreciate them. Especially do this for a teacher or counselor.  Make a note about what happened and tell me about it next week.
+ Come up with a something you can do every week to be nice to someone
+ Go to, click on the “Sections” section near the top  and go through at least one section.  The sections are:
* Finding Motivation
* Unlimiting Beliefs
* Creating Happiness
* Achieving Goals
* Morning Rituals




SUFK Workshop #1 – notes

  • You’ll get out of these workshops what you put into them.
  • Affirmation(repeat to yourself when you’re feeling unloved):
    I am loving – think of someone/something you love.
    I am loveable…
    I am loved.
  • My first truth to tell you is that “Life is not about what’s happening to you; life is about the stories you tell yourself about what’s happening to you.” I’m not saying that you haven’t had bad things happen in your life. But I am saying that you can decide how you deal with them.  You can give your power away and let your circumstances control you, or you can claim your power for yourself.
  • You can never control the outside world, but you can control your reaction to it;
    Wayne Dyer story – Joe and Mary – Mary’s late for their date.
  • Maybe your parents told you something like “you’re no good”, and “you’ll never amount to anything in life”, and maybe at some level you believe that, and it affects everything you attempt to do. Are you going to empower them and allow them to control you the rest of your life? Or are you going to refuse to believe them?  You can either just confront that belief or use EFT to get rid of it.
  • There’s a lady named Byron Katie who has developed a process called “The Work”. In it, you first ask yourself 4 questions about a negative belief:
    * Is it true?
    * Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
    * How do you react when you believe the thought?
    * Who would you be without the belief?

Then, after answering these questions, come up with a “turnaround,” a sentence expressing the opposite of what you believe. So, for instance, .“My parents hated me” could turn into “My parents hated themselves” or “I hated my parents”.

She says “You lose when you argue with what is, but only 100% of the time.”



Look for the bright side:

  • What if you have a flat tire on the way to work? Do you rant and rave saying “I’m cursed. Life sucks!  Bad things always happen to me”? Or just say “Oh well; this happens to people every day”)  Which one is true?
  • In any and all situations we are faced with two central choices: peace or conflict, love or fear. It is not people or circumstances outside ourselves that cause us conflict or distress, but rather what causes us conflict is our own thoughts, feelings and attitudes about people and events.  In every situation and in every relationship we can practice making a choice to be peaceful inside regardless of what is happening outside. A peaceful mind is neither judgmental nor defensive. It is open and centered in the present moment.



•  Insight Meditation: This will help you to be more aware of negative thought as they arise, and thus allow you to delete them right away.

* Sit in a comfortable position.  In a chair is OK

* Focus your attention on the sensation of your stomach rising and falling as you breathe. As it rises, label that sensation as “Rising”, and as it falls, label that sensation as “Falling”.
* If your attention goes away from the rising and falling, then as soon as you notice it, label what your attention is on, in a general way.  For example, you might be planning what you’ll do for dinner, so label that thought as “planning”.  Then bring your attention back to your breath.  If your attention wanders to being angry about your situation, label it as “angry”, then go back to your breathing.  Be gentle with yourself.  Act like you would with a puppy.  If you wanted it to stay by you, if it wandered away, you’d gently bring it back.
* you will find that over time, you’ll become more aware of negative thoughts just as they arise, and thus learn to stop them.  If need be, you can use EFT to do that.


Here’s a list of inspiring YouTube videos.  Please watch at least 2 of them.  They are a great way to make you feel better and also to give you ideas on how to create love in your life and in the world.  If you like them, try watching one or more to start your day!
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