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My course explains more than 100 topics, Everything you need to know to have a healthy life in the easiest way possible:

  • How to Achieve a healthy weight.
  • How to have optimal nutrition.
  • How to experience great fitness.

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  • Plant-Based Weightloss Success Stories
  • Healthy Weight on a Plant-Based Diet; Want Scientific Proof?
  • Why Lose Weight?
  • Reasons Why People Gain Weight
  • It’s Not Your Fault; The Science of Addictive Food
  • What Weight Goal Should You Have?
  • Why Your Weightloss Plateaus
  • Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet
  • Reasons You Gain Weight Back After You Lose It
  • Exercise vs. Calorie Restriction for Weightloss
  • Calorie Restriction vs. Fasting vs. Intermittent Fasting
  • How to Avoid Losing Muscle While You’re Losing Fat
  • The “All You Can Eat Every Other Day (sort-of)” Diet
  • Lose More Than Twice the Weight Eating the Same Calories
  • How You Can Forget Calorie Counting, and When You Shouldn’t
  • Calorie Restriction and A Caution
  • The Most-dangerous Fat is the Easiest to Lose
  • The Type of Fat You Eat Determines Where It Goes
  • Should You Avoid Eating At Night?
  • Keeping You In The Dark
  • Cutting Fat Causes More Weight Loss
  • “But Being Heavy Is In My Genes!”
  • “And I Have This Slow Metabolism”
  • “Plus I Hardly Eat Anything and Exercise a Lot”
  • Calorie Bombs
  • How to Track Your Calories
  • Facts, Tips & Tricks
  • 12 Tips for Successful Weightloss
  • Fiber – An Easy Way to Lose Weight
  • Setup Your Support System
  • The Ninja Dieter
  • Accountability
  • The No-Calorie Snacks
  • The Magic Noodle
  • Soup is Souper
  • Chew More & Weigh Less
  • A Tale of 2 Women & A Tale of 2 Men – True Stories
  • The 4 Types of Hunger, Including Emotional Hunger
  • Caloric Density – The Key to Eating More and Weighing Less
  • Substituting Healthy Food for Junk Food
  • Make Some Low-cal Substitutions
  • Success Begins at the Store
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  • Why You Should Use a Body-Composition Scale
  • My Weightloss Tips
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